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Chalkbarn was set up to address the lack of architectural finishes that are completely safe, healthy and environmentally. Most products on the market compromise at some level. We do not. The development of Chalkbarn’s Hard Wax Oil arose from the need to utilise and employ a wood finish that was both durable, natural and safe.

Most wood finishes and paints on the market even if advertised as being Eco or low VOC, usually have some harmful aspect or ingredient. For example, most oil based lacquers and paints contain cobalt driers; cobalt is a known carcinogen used for its ability to speed up the drying time of the given product; Chalkbarn’s Hard Wax Oil utilises a recently developed non-carcinogenic iron based toy-safe drier as a direct replacement. A common practice for most lacquers and paints is for the use of harmful toxic synthetic solvents; Chalkbarn’s Hard Wax Oil in contrast utilises Spike Lavender Oil – an ‘essential oil’.

The selection of ingredients have been selected for their quality and performance. The Hard Wax Oil main base ingredients are only high grade healthy ones that have been chosen through for their contributing factors and work together to achieve the required durability, weatherability, breathability and look. It is this level of exacting standards that sets Chalkbarn’s Hard Wax Oil apart.

No harmful Chemicals 100%
Completely Natural 100%
Child Safe, Toy Safe 100%
No harmful VOCs 100%
Durable & Hard Wearing 100%
Beautiful and Tactile Finish 100%
Can be Tinted to Any Colour 100%

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