Application and Technical lnformation – Hardwax Oil

Recommended Use

Free from chemicals and any hidden nasties; Chalkbarn’s Hardwax-Oil is designed as a durable, safe and natural protective coat for internal wooden floors, furniture and architectural elements.

Preparations/ Site Conditions 

Room temperature should ideally be above 18°c and the room well ventilated. Never apply the Hardwax-Oil if the temperature is below 10°c. Ensure all surfaces are clean and dry. Use sandpaper if required to remove all previous coatings and expose wood grain.


2 coats recommended for floors. Stir well before use. Always test on a small area before proceeding. The product is oil based and should not be mixed with any water-based products. Always use a clean lint free cloth for application and another for removal of any excess. Coverage approximately up to 13.5 m2   dependent on wood absorption.


1st coat: Utilise a non-linting cloth to apply the Hardwax-oil ‘thinly’ onto the wood. Use a second cloth to wipe off any excess or build up. Leave the first to dry in a well-ventilated area for 12-24 hours until dry. Drying may take longer in certain conditions.

2nd coat: Apply as per the first coat ‘thinly’, wiping off any excess or build up with a cloth. Allow to dry as per first coat.

After Application 

Appropriate care should be taken to protect the treated floor or surface from damage or staining from building trades or activities. If painting or plastering; ensure all surfaces are properly covered and protected. Chalkbarn Natural Products will not be liable for any staining of damage.

Care and Maintenance 

Only use products recommended and supplied by Chalkbarn Natural Products to maintain your floors and furniture.

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