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Our Hardwax Oil

A superior finish that enhances the look and feel of the wood to bring out its natural beauty whilst being durable and free from any nasties. Developed for the Eco and health conscious it stands as the healthy alternative for wood treatment.

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Patent Pending

Chalkbarn’s Hard Wax Oil is unique patent pending recipe comprised of natural tree resin, drying oils and waxes. Designed as a breathable, hard wearing matte/satin finish for wooden floors and furniture. It is the only completely healthy, natural hardwax-oil on the market; free from chemicals, synthetic solvents and carcinogenic driers.

Chalkbarn’s Hardwax-oil is the only safe, durable, healthy wood finish on the market.  Whether it’s carcinogenic dryers or toxic solvents, all other products compromise at some level.

Chalkbarn’s Hardwax Oil utilises only high quality natural ingredients and avoids the use of harmful solvents and chemicals completely to offer a durable, healthy solution with an exceptional look and feel that truly sets itself apart from the competition.


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